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I'm in the mood for a classic gaming creature. Which of the following D&D monsters should I try? 

22 deviants said Displacer Beast -…
18 deviants said Owlbear -…
12 deviants said Kobold -…
5 deviants said Illithid -…
4 deviants said Sahaugin -…
4 deviants said The Tarrasque -…


From :iconskirmisherdak:

1. What does your Deviantart name mean and why? 

I’ll admit that I shamelessly stole my online handle from a former college roommate.  I was the Dungeonmaster of our college D&D group all four years, and my roommate August’s first character was a rogue named Pythos.  When I started playing World of Warcraft, I named all of my characters after D&D characters from that game (PCs for Alliance, NPC bad guys for Horde).  My rogue character got named Pythos, and it’s still my main, with over 250 days of playing time logged.  I was in a raiding guild for several years, and everyone called me Pythos for so long that it stuck. (FUN FACT: The character that August replaced Pythos with was an anthro black panther.  As far as I know, August isn't a furry, and didn't know I was at the time).

2. What fandom were you obsessed with when you joined and what are you into now? 
I’m a long-time Trekkie, Browncoat and Star Wars fan.  I’ve played D&D since 1998, read Martin, Jordan and Butcher, and am a huge classic rock nut that collects vinyl (I’m basically Parzival from Ready Player One).  Oh, and I’ve identified as a furry since 2001.  I’ve only been on dA for three years now, so I haven’t picked up too many new fandoms in that time (I guess Dr. Who counts, since I only started watching the new series about a year ago, but I was already pretty familiar with the original classic Who run).

3. How many watchers do you have now? 
1151 – What’s wrong with you people? Don’t you know that I’m not a “real” artist?

4. Name 3 of your favorite artists on DA.
:iconodysseusut: and :icontoledo-the-horse: (go watch them – they’re both better than me) and :iconjakkalwolf:

5. Or lack there of, move along: 
Move along, move along, nothing to see here…

6. Do you participate in clubs' contests here on dA? 
Not frequently, though my most popular submission was a contest submission (and winner)

7. What is your most popular submission? 
Smoldering Cheetah Temptress, by far.  Over 200 more favorites than the next closest.

8. What are your favorite non-anime TV shows?
Pretty much the only currently-airing shows I watch are Agents of SHIELD, Game of Thrones and Dr. Who.  As for older shows: Firefly, Star Trek (especially DS9), Farscape and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  On the non-fiction side, I typically fall asleep at night watching old episodes of Mythbusters, Good Eats or Man vs. Food.

9. What are the things you wish you could draw better?
I just wish I could draw – would make some of my manips much easier.  There are kindergarteners who could stick-figure circles around me in traditional art.

10. Summer or winter? 
I used to say winter, but after the last two winters Detroit’s had, bring on the sunshine!

11. Rain or Sun?
I love being indoors with the windows open while it’s raining out.

There is no 12, only Zuul!

13. PC or Mac:
PC, with a couple years of Linux in college.

14. Anime or Manga?: 
I was President of my college’s Anime Society for two years, but haven’t read all that much manga.  I was the person who introduced my local librarian to manga back in the 1990s, though, and now that library has a 1000+ volume teen manga collection.

15. Coke or Pepsi?:
Coke, though any good Detroiter knows that the proper answer is Faygo.

16. Read or TV?:
Books, though if it was between reading and movies I’d have to give the nod to the cinema.  I see fifty or more new movies every year.

17. How many hours a day do you spend on dA? :
Probably 1 or 2 cumulatively, mostly checking on my phone to see if I’ve gotten any comments or favorites.

18. Name a talent. 
I have a very good sense of direction.  I can’t actually remember the last time I’ve gotten lost, even when I’ve been on vacation in unfamiliar cities.

19. Flash or traditional cartoons?
Traditional.  I still think that Gargoyles is the pinnacle of western television animation.

20. What is your favorite fast food restaurant?:

21. What are your top 3 favorite books?(not mangas)
The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan
Small Favor by Jim Butcher
Magician by Raymond E. Feist

22. Wii or PlayStation?:

23. Name 3 of your favorite bands/singers.: 
Green Day, Led Zeppelin, Metallica


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi! I'm a digital artist from the asshole of America (aka Detroit, Michigan), specializing in photomanipulations of anthro characters. I'm relatively new to the art thing, and entirely self-taught on Photoshop, so I'm learning as I go.




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